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My name is Binksy!
I'm a tattoo artist located in Warners Bay, NSW, Australia. I started my tattooing career in August of 2020, and worked my way through an apprenticeship under an amazing mentor. I graduated to Senior artist in January of 2023.

Tattooing is always something I have had a passion for, and have been around the industry since I was 18, when I got my first tattoo! I have always loved anime and manga, and I have been drawing characters since I was in high school. Art has been something I've always come back to, and stuck to all of my life. 
I tattoo anime characters because they are what I absolutely love to do and I can't see myself anywhere else, other than where I am right now. 

I love to travel and learn from other artists, and speak to and tattoo new clients all over Australia and hopefully one day, all over the world!

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