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Numbing Cream & Aftercare

I am more than happy for clients to use numbing products for their tattoos! 

Before using these products, please be aware that numbing creams do not last through your whole tattoo, so after a few hours the numbing will wear off. 

You can only apply numbing cream before the procedure (please see below instructions) and not after the skin has been broken, or this will affect your tattoo.

If you do choose to use numbing products, I recommend Numb Up. I have personally used these products time and again, and am also sponsored by this company. You can buy their products here

Numb Up also have aftercare balms and washes as well!

Instructions for numbing application

Before the day of your tattoo, make sure you do a patch test! Put a small amount of cream on your skin and cling wrap it for about an hour. If you experience excessive itching or any adverse reaction, take it off and wash the area immediately.
Some redness is to be expected, but if the area is inflamed, remove the cream. 

Below are the steps for properly applying numbing cream for best results:

1. Take a hot shower. Wash the area (don't scrub) where the tattoo will be placed.

2. Dry off. Use a clean towel or paper towel to avoid any excess bacteria!

3. Apply the cream. If it is a large area, you may need more than one tube! Leave a generous thick layer over the area (don't rub it in or it won't work properly!)

4. Wrap it! Use cling wrap to wrap the numbing cream area - not too tight but not so loose it'll fall off. Use sticky tape if you have to secure it.

That's it! Leave the cream on for up to two hours before your appointment - don't worry about taking it off, I'll wipe it off when it's time to start stencilling!

Aftercare brands

numb skiulled.PNG
There are a few different aftercare brands I recommend!
Some brands also supply tattoo foam washes as well, which is super useful for cleaning your fresh tattoo! 
The brands I recommend are as follows:

Numb Up
Numb Skulled (they also supply a soap, and a coffee scrub for exfoliation once the tattoo is completely healed!)
Aftercare Collective
Hustle Butter

If you can't get your hands on any of these, you can also use a plain unscented moisturiser or a sorbolene cream.

Please note I do not recommend Bepanthen or other thick creams or balms. (Including Paw Paw ointment or other ointments)
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