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Available Tattoo Designs

Find all of my currently available pre drawn designs right here!
If you can't find a character you love, don't worry! I also take on custom work, so head on over to the bookings page to send me through an email with what you're after and let's chat!
All designs are done in full colour at a discounted rate of:
Normal Studio (Dark Forge): $900 per full day session♡
Guest spot studio (any other studio): $1000
Expo booking: $1100

Still searching?

Head over to the contact page here and let me know what you're looking for!

Binksy's Choice

If you can't find what you want in the pre drawn list, you might want to try a Binksy's Choice tattoo!

What is Binksy's Choice?

Binksy's choice was an option I created after finishing my old mystery tattoo promotions as an apprentice. It allows you to get a piece at a discounted rate while I get to choose the character and content! Read below for more info on how it works:

How it works:

Binksy's choice tattoos come at the same discounted rates for any of my predrawn designs (see the top of the page)
All you need to do is answer these:
☆Tell me 5-6 of your favourite characters or shows
☆Male or female character preference
☆Action/Lewd/Basic/Cute pose
☆Tattoo placement
☆If you chose lewd for the pose type, lewd scale 1-10!
And when you message me with all this info, I'll make a design that you'll see at the appointment from your choices!
☆Any changes in design or specific images or items may change the price of the design as it then becomes a custom tattoo - and will be charged at the normal rate.

☆If you are unhappy with the design or character selection, you will need to book a separate session.
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