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Important info

Congrats! Your appointment is just around the corner.
You're getting tattooed, but what should you do to prepare?
Here's some easy tips to make your appointment go as smoothly as possible!

A week beforehand

The week before your tattoo is important to prepare.

Firstly, grab yourself some vitamin E cream and moisturize the area for your tattoo twice a day.​ This will help smooth your skin and will help the ink spread more evenly, resulting in a better tattoo!

If you have any conflicts in your schedule, make sure you let me know ASAP, as once the 72 hour cancellation period kicks in, you won't be able to reschedule that appointment without a new booking fee.

If you plan on using numbing cream, make sure to order some ASAP. I recommend using Numb Up products, and you can order these from their website! Go to the Numbing & Aftercare page to find the links!

Appointment Day

It's your appointment day! 

If you are using numbing cream, make sure you apply this at least an hour before the session start time. Have a shower, clean and shave the area, then apply the cream generously and wrap with cling wrap. Make sure this doesn't fall off, and keep it covered until you arrive. I'll take the wrap off when we are ready to start!

Bring something with you to do! Conversations can be hard to keep up all day if you have a long appointment, and having something to do can help distract you from the pain of being tattooed! 

Make sure you shower before your appointment. This is important to remove any germs or bacteria on your skin and keep any infections at bay. Please shave the area as well! 

Eat a good meal beforehand! Make sure you have eaten something decent that fills you up, if you do not eat this increases the chances of you passing out during the session. If you're in a rush, there is a cafe downstairs from our shop that has multiple great options!

Bring some sugary snacks for the day. We will take breaks as needed, and you will need to keep your sugar up to get through the day.

If you are unwell, please do not attend your appointment. If you are sick, you risk not only myself but my colleagues and their clients getting sick as well. This also may increase pain while you are being tattooed. Please contact me as soon as you know!

Make sure you arrive to your appointment no more than 5 minutes early or late. If you're running late, please send me a message. If you don't do this and are more than a half hour late, I will assume you will not be attending and your appointment. 

Do not bring extra people to your appointment. They will not be able to sit with you whilst you are being tattooed, and will be asked to remain in the waiting area. If you have friends and family with you they may distract you, however if you are in the presence of others whilst being tattooed they can cause you to move around more than usual, and it can become awkward for myself as it is difficult to have a group conversation whilst trying to concentrate on giving you my best work possible! It can also be quite boring for someone else if you have a long session, and they may be frustrated and want to hurry you along.

Try not to tense or move during your appointment. This is important, because any moves you make whilst being tattooed can cause lines to go astray.

After your appointment

I will provide a full pamphlet on aftercare instructions at the appointment. It is important that you follow these instructions to make sure your tattoo heals the best way possible! Also see the Aftercare Instructions page for detailed steps!

If you are using second skin or a similar product, keep it on for 24 hours, and then change the bandage (after washing the tattoo) and keep the second bandage on for up to four days. After this you can change the bandage again, or continue a regular aftercare regime.

Once your tattoo is healed, send me a photo! I love to see healed photos from clients, and if we need any touch ups, this can be organsied!

Important info


Your appointment cannot be rescheduled within 72 hours of the time of booking. This means that if you need to reschedule for any reason within this time, you will need to pay a new booking fee to rebook. 

If you cancel your appointment at any time, your booking fee will be forfeited. All booking fees are NON REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.


If you do not attend your appointment and do not let me know that you are unable to make it beforehand, you will be charged a cancellation fee, on top of your forfeited booking fee. This is non negotiable, all you need to do is send me a message to let me know before your appointment time that you are unable to attend to avoid this.

Cancellation fees vary depending on length of appointment (see below)

1-4 Hour appointment - $100 cancellation fee

5 hours - full day - $200 cancellation fee


Should you reschedule your appointment outside of the 72 hour timeframe, you may use the same booking fee to reschedule for a later date, however depending on pricing changes, please be aware that if a price increase has been applied since booking your appointment, the new price will apply to the rescheduled appointment.

Booking fees can only be used within a three month time frame of the booking date. This means that if you are unable to choose a later date when you reschedule, you have up to three months from your original appointment date to choose a new date - but please note that you need to inform me that you intend to reschedule to a later date, not just cancel.


If you have booked an appointment whilst I'm travelling to expos or other studios (not my home studio Dark Forge Society) and you need to cancel your appointment, your booking fee will be forfeited and you are not able to use the same deposit to book a new appointment. If I have another date available the same week at the studio you have booked in for, you may reschedule to that date, however no further bookings are able to be made with the same booking fee.

Please note that appointment times generally are based on the time the studio opens. Please make sure you do not arrive more than 5 minutes early, without bringing anyone with you, especially if you have a morning appointment as you may not be able to access the studio before open time. 

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